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M5 Vessel Mid Range PTZ Thermal Imager
M5 Thermal Mid Range Thermal Imager Vessel PTZ System
M5 Thermal Mid Range Vessel PTZ System

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The high seas can be a dangerous place. Today's mariner can rely on the latest in high technology tools to safely guide there vessel through turbulent waters and accomplish there mission. The M5® Mid Range Thermal Imager Vessel (MRTI) variant is a low cost solution to the high technology visual aides required by today's marine professionals. The mid range FOV of the M5® thermal PTZ system offers a nice balance between navigational imaging and patrol or search and rescue chores. The crisp thermal video provided by the M5® lets you see in total darkness and does not rely on star light or any illumination to guide your way giving you an indispensable tool for docking and navigating crowded waterways. Since the thermal camera sees heat energy it gives you a distinct advantage in search and rescue missions making it much easier to pick out a warm body or vessel in the vast expanse of the sea. The visual side of the M5® ptz has a long range zoom color CCTV camera that is perfect for daylight and low light imaging. You can pick out identifying marks on distant vessels and patrol your shores from a good standoff distance. The system even includes a wiper as standard equipment to keep the camera free of spray. Easy installation and light weight mean that you wont have to hack a million holes in your vessel just to mount the M5®. The low cost means that now is the time to equip your fleet with the latest in 24/7 visual augmentation system.
Features and What's Included

The M5 Vessel Mid Range Thermal Imager (MRTI) PTZ

The M5® PTZ Vessel Mounted thermal imager breaks new ground in affordable high performance pan tilt thermal imaging solutions for the marine industry. Ideally suited to a wide range of applications including; inland waterway protection, law enforcement patrol boats, military vessels, coast guard boats, harbor patrol, large ships and any application that calls for a combined thermal infrared camera visual CCTV sensor suite on a remote operated pan tilt base suitable for marine environments.

Intelligent Thermal Camera Design Features For The Water

Lets take an in depth look at what the M5® PTZ has to offer.

m5 thermal ptz marine vessell closeup of control connections
The M5® uses a simplified military style connector with a reduced pin set to maximize reliability. Older systems used massive connectors with very dense pin populations sometimes as many as 20-30 pins in a single connector. This translated to huge main system cables often in excess of 1" in diameter. The old technology made installing the main system cable very difficult due to its size and rigidity. Large heavy cables are difficult to weave through cramped shipboard conduits and require undesirable through hull bulkhead connections. These gigantic densely packed cables were very expensive and by packing so many wires into a tight design they were prone to failure. The M5® uses a single twist on type connector with only 8 pins. There is NO interface box or external electronics of any kind which greatly reduces installation time, failure points and most importantly cost. The lightweight and small size of the M5® system cable makes it easier to install in even the most cramped boats.

m5 thermal ptz closeup visual lens and wiper blade
You might think that an imager at this price point might sacrifice features in favor of low cost. This is not the case with the M5®. The PTZ is fully gasket sealed for marine applications and has a removable sun shield to protect the system in almost any weather condition. Unlike complicated overpriced systems that accomplish weather sealing with adhesive silicone "caulk" type sealants that require factory maintenance, the simple yet highly effective gasket design of the M5 makes routine maintenance a breeze. All PTZ gaskets can easily and inexpensively be replaced in the field with simple hand tools in a very short period of time. On top of the necessities like a weatherized housing, the M5® sports the hottest upgrades like an integrated remote wiper to clear water spray. Most high end thermal camera PTZ systems consider the wiper an extra cost optional item. We have never bought a car with optional windshield wipers! The better cars even come with wipers for the headlights.


The heart and soul of the M5® is its advanced thermal imaging system coupled with a crystal clear coated thermal optic train that produces a crisp thermal video of your surroundings 24/7 and in any lighting condition. The real advantage of the system lies in its ability to show you what cant be seen with the naked eye. Thermal imagers are a true passive technology that images the infrared energy that is emitted from every object in the universe. This is very different from cheap infrared light cameras (aka "parking lot cameras") that shine an invisible light a few feet away and then image the light that bounces back. The M5® senses the long wavelength infrared energy that is always emitted from everything around you. A finely tuned optical train focuses this energy onto the M5® thermal sensor chip which provides you with a thermal video image of your surroundings. This is true "see in the dark technology" with NO LIGHT shinning out of the system to give away the position of the cameras. The backdroop of the water is perfect for thermal imaging. Anything on the water will stick out like a sore thumb under the scrutiny of the thermal imager. The sea is the perfect backdrop for thermal imaging giving you unprecedented ability to see ships, docks, hazards to navigation and people in the water. Turn the imager inland and you can see the shoreline like never before. Pierce the night to see all manner of nefarious activity onshore. The M5® thermal chip doesnt even "see" light so it cant be fooled or blinded by light sources (even daylight). 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the M5® multi-sensor thermal technology will see everything.

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