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Welcome to Federal Sensors. We carry a large selection of the finest thermal imaging and night vision equipment. Some of the manufactures we carry are L3 Thermal Eye, BAE Systems, SPI Infrared, Insight, Argus, Electrophysics, and FLIR.

Firefighting Thermal Cameras Handheld Pocket Sights Search Rescue & Security Scientific Infrared Cameras

Argus4 Thermal Camera
Argus4 HR320 IR Camera
Argus4 LITE Low Cost IR

Thermal-Eye X50 Kit
Thermal-Eye X150 Kit
Thermal-Eye X200 Kit
X14 Thermal Sight

Argus SC Security Camera
Renegade Thermal Scope
T7 Thermal Goggles
T14 Thermal Rifle Scope

TVS-500 EX


Night Vision Imaging Insight Technology Gear Home Inspection / Energy PTZ Camera Systems
AN/PVS-14 Gen 4
AN/PVS-7 Goggles
P15 Dual Tube Night Vision
NVWS-6 Weapon Scope
AstroScope 9350 Pocket

HX200 Regulus Duty Size
HC150R Rechargeable
XTI Procyon
X2 Sub-compact
M2 UTL 90 Peak Lumens
ISM-IR Red Dot Sight

HotShot Series (640 x 480)

M5 Short Range PTZ
M5 Mid Range PTZ
MRTI Vehicle Mounted M5
M5 Vessel Mounted M5

FLIR T60 ATWS Thermosight X14 Multi-purpose thermal sight Electrophysics HotShot HD-B
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FLIR T60 ATWS Thermosight X14 Thermal Rifle Scope HotShot HD-B High Temp Professional Thermal Camera
The FLIR T60 ATWS Thermosight Clip On Thermal Weapon Sight is a high resolution, high definiion Military grade Thermal infrared imaging scope used in conjunction with Trijicon ACOG sights and a host of day optics. The X14 Thermal infrared imaging FLIR sight offers superior image quality, reliability, target acquisition and situational awareness for Law enforcement, DHS, US Government and US Military Professionals HotShot HD-B is the professional grade infrared camera without the sticker shock. HotShot HD-B can be used to measure the temperature of objects up to 100°C, and features design improvements that make infrared inspections faster, and diagnoses more accurate while ensuring increased operator safety.
PAS-15 Long Range Thermal Rifle Scope AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular (GEN 4) L3 Communications Thermal-Eye X50
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Long Range Thermal scope flir thermal scope AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular L3 Communications Thermal-Eye x50 with optional 2x or 3x lens.
The long range thermal rifle scope that you can afford! 18x zoom with high resolution detector. Get it now while you can. The PVS-14 / 6015 Generation 4 model night vision pocket scope is the preferred current generation US military night vision scope. This scope uses current head mounts and is weapons adaptable. The SPI Thermal X50 Pocket Scope Package sets the standard for small, lightweight thermal imaging cameras. It is designed to be pocket-sized, rugged and durable. Battle-tested in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the X50 is perfect for public safety, military and security operations.
AN/PVS-7 Night Vision Goggle System (GEN 4) ARGUS4 Thermal Imaging Security Camera M5 Mid Range PTZ Thermal Imager
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AN/PVS-7 Night Vision Argus SC Security Thermal Camera M5 Thermal Mid Range PTZ System
Currently used in Iraq by United States War fighters, The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7D generation 4 series Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit. Designed for the rigors of combat this is the unit used in many special operations by elite armed forces. SPI Provides the best AN/PVS-7D (delta) grade systems with clean flawless image intensifier tubes. Argus SC  High Resolution thermal imager with 320x240 detector, 50 FOV, SceneSaver 100 image capture, download capable, Scene Colorization, spot temperature display, 2x & 4x zoom, soft storage case, neck strap, 2 re-chargeable battery packs, 110V charger, manual and CD-ROM software, USB PC computer connection. M5 Thermal Imager PTZ for surveillance applications combines a thermal sensor, visual camera and remote control operation.